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Table 1 Cross tabulations of outcome measures and reproductive health need at three levels in reviewed publications

From: Unmet reproductive health needs among women in some West African countries: a systematic review of outcome measures and determinants

Category of outcome measures Reproductive health needs at three levels for married and non-married women
  Antenatal care Contraceptive use Obstetric care
Clinical outcomes 1. Number of Antenatal care during pregnancy 1. Service constraints Critical obstetric danger signs knowledge
2. Place of delivery(Home/facility) 2. Demand satisfied Preparations by women prior to delivery and facility type
3. Supervised or Non-Supervised delivery 3. Provider Intimidation 3. Facility quality and resources
4. Use of Traditional birth attendant for delivery 4. limited contraceptive choice 4. Obstetric maternal outcomes
5. Mother survival 5. Nurses withholding information 5. Obstetric utilization/complication
Newborn survival 6. Method choices at facilities 6. Quality of obstetric care
Level of utilization and quality of service 7. Unintended pregnancies
8. Language of service provision 8. Unmet contraceptive seeking demand
Economic and geographical outcomes 1. Service utilization for postnatal services 1. Unmet need for contraception 1. Economic access to obstetric care
2. Economic access to service 2. Service constraints 2. Risk of intrapartum and antepartum still birth
3. Out-of pockets payments 3. Economic access 3. Place of delivery
4. Use of modern contraceptives 4. Delay in seeking care
5. Community level/ecological zone 5. Delay in reaching a health facility
6. Delay in been provided with appropriate care
Patient-reported outcomes 1. Service constraints 1. Current use Demand satisfied
2. Demand satisfied 2. Ever use Quality of service delivery
3. Quality of service delivery 3. Never use Awareness of danger signs
4. Decision making choices for maternal care 4. Intention for future use Emergency planning steps awareness by women
5. Safe delivery 5. Unmet need for contraception Reasons for seeking abortion and post abortion services
6. Contraceptive prevalence rates Unsafe abortions
7. Proportion of demand satisfied
8. Knowledge of contraception use
9. Current and Ever use of FP
10. Demand satisfied
11. Quality of service delivery