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Table 2 Gender attitudes on early child bearing (percent who agreed to selected statements) among tribals and non-tribals young married people

From: Why ethnicity and gender matters for fertility intention among married young people: a baseline evaluation from a gender transformative intervention in rural India

Statements Tribal % Non-tribal % P-value (Chi-square)
If a couple doesn’t have a child then it’s a woman’s fault 27.8 18.2 0.061
It’s a woman’s responsibility to avoid getting pregnant 59.3 51.5 0.209
Women should conceive within one year of marriage to avoid shame 50.0 31.5 0.002
It is husbands who can decide when to have first child 68.5 50.3 0.003
The real man is the one who has child within one year of marriage 23.2 16.9 0.207
Early child bearing makes women valuable in family and society 51.9 37.0 0.015