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Table 2 Characteristics of women and Doppler assessments in included studies

From: Prevalence of abnormal umbilical arterial flow on Doppler ultrasound in low-risk and unselected pregnant women: a systematic review

Study population N (studies) %
Maternal risk
 Low-risk women only 36 85.7
 Unselected women 6 14.3
Doppler assessments
 Doppler ultrasound of umbilical artery only reported 15 35.7
 Doppler ultrasound of umbilical artery plus other  Doppler investigations reporteda 27 64.2
Type of Doppler
 Colour Doppler 12 28.6
 Continuous-wave Doppler 6 14.3
 Pulsed-wave Doppler 6 14.3
 Pulsed-wave Doppler; colour Doppler 9 21.4
 Pulsed-wave and continuous-wave Doppler 1 2.1
 Doppler (not otherwise specified) 8 19.0
  1. aFetal cerebral circulation, fetal aorta, fetal renal arteries, umbilical vein, ventricular outlets, femoral vessels, uterine/placental vessels