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Table 4 Categories, themes and contexts from qualitative interviews

From: Physician–patient communication in decision-making about Caesarean sections in eight district hospitals in Bangladesh: a mixed-method study

Physicians Categories Personal and professional workload balance; Physician experience and perceptions; External influence; Fear and Risk Aversion; Communication as a way of sharing information; Human resource challenges
Themes Work-life balance; Personal preferences; External influence; Risk Aversion; Communication skills; Health system
Contexts From within; From without; System and skills
Women who underwent Emergency CS Categories Local pressure; Health workers attitude; Confidence in indications; Negative information exchange; Interpretation skills of the woman; Do what you can; Emotional drain
Themes Yielding to local pressure; Lack of respect; Speaking the same language on indications; Negative language; Technical language; Prayers take over; Decision under pressure/ Quick end
Contexts Guilt; Powerlessness; Knowledge; Language; Fatalism
Women who underwent Elective CS Categories Faith and resigned to a destiny; USG and its universality
for determining indications; Sources of information
One-way (limited) communication; Consenting without understanding; An added benefit of combining sterilization; Complications don’t matter; Lack of privacy fuelling fear
Themes Faith; USG and its universality; Confidence in safety
Physicians know best; Consent, a formality; Collateral benefits; Baby is the future; Privacy over pain
Contexts Safety of C-sections; Physicians in control; Value for money; Sacrificial attitude; Fear of pain—not a major concern