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Table 1 Descriptive summary of nineteen included studies in the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Incidence, causes, and maternofetal outcomes of obstructed labor in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors Sample size Prevalence (%) Study region Study design complications of obstructed labor
Shimelis et al. [35] 1468 12.2 Oromia Cross sectional Uterine rupture, sepsis, and low first minute APGAR score
Andualem et al. [37] 1825 7.95 SNNPR Cross sectional postpartum hemorrhage, uterine rupture, and perinatal mortality
Amanuel et al. [21] 5980 3.3 Tigray Cross sectional Caesarean section, craniotomy, instrumental delivery, hysterectomy, ruptured uterus, Maternal mortality
Ashebir et al. [41] 13,425 7 Oromia Cross sectional Ruptured uterus, stillbirth, maternal mortality, and perinatal death
Mulugeta et al. [46] 801 N/A Amhara Case control Cesarean section, infertility, and uterine rupture
Tizita et al. [22] 385 34.3 Oromia Cross sectional Maternal death, uterine rupture, hysterectomy, and anemia
Sisay et al. [39] 327 15.6 SNNPR Cross sectional Ruptured uterus, cesarean section, wound infection, and neonatal death
Yemane et al. [38] 1231 14.7 Tigray Case control Stillbirth, perinatal mortality, and neonatal mortality
Tewodros et al. [48] 90 N/A Tigray Cross sectional Sepsis, postpartum hemorrhage, Vesico Vaginal Fistula, anemia, stillbirth, birth asphyxia, and birth injury
Daniel et al. [14] 321 18.1 Oromia Cross sectional postpartum hemorrhage, ruptured uterus, puerperal sepsis, and maternal death
Ritbano et al. [42] 344 18.6 SNNPR Case control Maternal death, anemia, and infection
Johannes et al. [47] 143 N/A Oromia Cross sectional sepsis, hemorrhage that required transfusion of several units of blood, ruptured uterus, respiratory tract infection with cardiac failure), low APGAR score, and immediate newborn death
Asnakech et al. [36] 384 9.6 Oromia Cross sectional N/A
Gebresilasea et al. [43] 616 6.7 Tigray Cross sectional stillbirths or had died immediately after delivery, Postpartum hemorrhaged, puerperal sepsis, uterine rupture, hysterectomy, and cesarean section
Wayu et al. [44] 844 16.8 SNNPR Cross sectional Intrapartal fetal and early neonatal deaths, instrumental delivery, and meconium stained amniotic fluid
Oumar et al. [45] 407 10.7 Amhara Cross sectional Maternal death, anemia, stillbirth, and hysteretomy